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Braille Alphabet A-Z by Plan Toys

$ 40.00

This 26 piece Braille Alphabet A-Z set can be played 2-sided, one upper case and another lower case. Each tile has a Braille symbol that represents each letter in the alphabet..

  • Includes 26 tiles with uppercase and lowercase letters on alternating sides
  • Great for incorporating into learning environments to strengthen communication and language development
  • Can be played with solo or enjoyed with others
  • Sustainably made in Thailand using chemical-free rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, organic pigments and water-based dyes.
Package Dimension (W x L x H) :

7.4 in X in X 7.4 in

18.8 cm X 7.5 cm X 18.8 cm

Product Dimension (W x L x H) :

2.6 in X 3.2 in X 0.4 in

6.6 cm X 8.1 cm X 1.1 cm

Package Weight :
2.6 lb
1.18 kg
*The biggest part: