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Animal Alphabet Flashcards by My Little Learner

$ 16.00

Toddlers and preschool children love both flashcards and animals so these brightly coloured educational animal alphabet flashcards are perfect for little hands!


All of our flashcards have been designed to provide multi-purpose learning. This not only offers parents greater value for money but more importantly ensures our products will grow with your child enabling them to move onto a more difficult phase of learning when they are ready.

Our Animal Alphabet Flashcards encompass the following areas of learning:

  • Animal names
  • Follow phonic letter sounds (except the letter U for unicorn)
  • Letter recognition
  • Letter formation
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Practice pen control
  • Learn to write
  • You can even use them to practice animal sounds for really young learners.


A alligator | B bear | C cat | D dog | E elephant | F fox | G Gorilla | H hippo

I Iguana | J jellyfish | K koala | L Lion | M monkey | N Narwhal | O Octopus

P pig | Q quail | R rhino | S snake | T tiger | U unicorn (not pronounced phonically)

V vulture | W whale | X x-ray fish | Y yak | Z zebra


  • Brightly coloured & engaging
  • 26 alphabet flashcards (A-Z)
  • Child-friendly font
  • Wipe clean and reuse
  • Double sided
  • A6 in size - perfect for little hands
  • Made from 350gsm card stock
  • Rounded corners for safety