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Let us guide you along the way from cloth diapering your newborn baby, to potty training your toddler child.

We offer a wide selection of cloth diapers, wipes & accessories with knowledgable staff that can guide you with your cloth diaper adventure.

A laundering service provided by Boise Cloth Diapers is an option for those who wish to simply rent cloth diapers, or have their purchased cloth diapers laundered for them.


"As a mother of quadruplets, we wanted to find a way to be conscious of the waste we were disposing of while diapering four babies.  We decided we would try cloth diapers to save money and do our part in reducing our waste.  I wanted something easy that would fit the wetting patterns of both genders since we had one girl and three boys.  We decided the Grovia All-in-One Diapers were the best daytime diaper for all four babies.  The 10-35lbs weight limit allowed us to use them until they were potty trained.  As a night time option, we used the O.N.E. Diapers which had a slightly bulkier fit, but kept the cribs dry all night - a HUGE lifesaver!"    
Heather, Founder Pi Baby + Mother of Quads