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Grounded Co. Calico Play Mat

$ 68.00
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Grounded multi-use play mats feature soft padding and modern prints and were created to add beauty and comfort to your everyday life!


Calico Play Mat

Take a trip through the spring desert! The bright and vibrant pattern on our Calico play mat is inspired by a desert in bloom. Featuring the colorful flora of our favorite desert landscapes and cacti, this hand painted print promises to add a flourish of brightness and blossom to your day.

Hand drawn illustrations by Boccaccini Meadows

Circular play mat. 38” X 38”

Front: 100% polyester material

Back: 100% vegan leather

Binding: Cotton Poly blend



 Spot clean recommended. Grounded play mats can be machine-washed and air dried.

 *Note: The natural fibers in the vegan leather will shift when machine-washed. Mats will look ‘more loved’ after being machine-washed.


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