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Grounded Co. Boulder Play Mat

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Grounded multi-use play mats feature soft padding and modern prints and were created to add beauty and comfort to your everyday life!


Boulder Play Mat

From the highest mountain top to the lowest valley, our Boulder play mat features everything we love about adventuring outdoors. Shining stars, trickling water, cozy cabins, evergreen pines and even a sneaky fox are just a few of the whimsical designs you’ll find on this earth-inspired, hand-painted pattern.

Hand drawn illustrations by Boccaccini Meadows

Circular play mat. 38” X 38”

Front: 100% polyester material

Back: 100% vegan leather

Binding: Cotton Poly blend



 Spot clean recommended. Grounded play mats can be machine-washed and air dried.

 *Note: The natural fibers in the vegan leather will shift when machine-washed. Mats will look ‘more loved’ after being machine-washed.


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