Moms Crochet Kitchen

The Holidays are sneaking up on us! Let this months featured shop help get your little elves ready.

This month we are featuring a unique crochet Work At Home Mom. Kelsey is the woman behind Mom's Crochet Kitchen and she is extremely talented!

Kelsey crochets with her own two hands so many beautiful things for others to enjoy. Even though she is the one who makes everything she gives credit to her mom for teaching her and for her grandmother for teaching her mom. The passion from this passed down talent and dying art is what keeps her going!

She says "I love the feel of the yarn in my hands and creating something that could keep me warm and comforted...I love to share my crochet with others because I think other people get that same warm, fuzzy feeling when they reach out and touch the stitches of crochet."

While we think everything she makes is amazing the WAHM table at the store will have elf hats and stockings.

Just look how cute these are. How can you resist?



Be sure to take a look around her website in case there is something else you need. Baby Booties? Hand Warmers? Slouchy Hat? Boot Cuffs? Kelsey loves what she does and you can see that in her work!

Website ----->

Facebook ---->

Katie McMillan

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