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My name is Katie and I am the owner behind Baby Nibblez.  I am also the coordinator for this wonderful opportunity Heather is providing for local Work At Home Moms.

Baby Nibblez, LLC. is a silicone teething jewelry shop located in Nampa, Idaho. I handcraft silicone teething jewelry for you to wear and baby to nibble on. I create Nursing Necklaces with style, Shorties to match your baby carrier, Sensory Necklaces and a new line of Kidz Fashion Necklaces. 

Baby Nibblez uses all non-toxic materials. The silicone is 100% food grade and it is BPA free. It also has no lead, phthalates, heavy metals or cadimium.  The Silicone is FDA approved which makes Baby Nibblez perfect for little teething babies to nibble on. Every creation is dishwasher safe. Silicone is hypoallergenic and resistant  to bacteria.


Shorties: Baby Wearing Jewelry. Intended to attach to a baby carrier but can be attached to a high chair or stroller. Babies are able to nibble on the beads and teether These come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures to catch a young childs eye and provide relief for those painful emerging teeth.





Nursing Necklace: For an adult to wear while holding baby or feeding baby. The name originated because the necklace is used to occupy the baby who was nursing. During the nursing session the baby can hold on and fiddle with the necklace while doing the task at hand. These Nursing necklaces are great to improve fine motor skills. The necklaces help keep a baby or toddler from pulling hair, scratching chests and ripping off glasses. Babies are able to pull on, play with and even nibble on the beads which come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures.




You can find more products online at the shop Baby Nibblez and be sure to "Like" the Face Book page for specials and new product announcements! 






Katie McMillan

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